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MDS/RRDA provides veterinary diagnostic virology service for detection of viruses in the research animals and exotic species as well as Bovine (Cattle); Porcine (Pigs); Caprine (Goats); Ovine (Sheep); Equine(Horses) ; Avian (Birds); Canine (Dogs); Feline (Cats).

Our laboratory offers the following services for detection of viruses from specimens as well as serology.
Clinical virology samples should be collected as soon as possible following the onset of illness. Specimens for virus isolation should be collected aseptically. Swabs should be squeezed directly onto a viral transport medium. Tracheal or bronchoalveolar washings should be placed in screw cap sterile containers. Postmortem specimens for virus isolation should be collected aseptically and placed in a sterile container (plastic bag or screw cap container) or viral transport medium. The specimens should be refrigerated promptly after collection and should be sent to the laboratory as soon as possible under refrigeration. They cannot be sent within 24 hours, freeze at -70 to -80C; if a freezer is not available, store at 4C. Do not freeze a specimen for virus isolation at -20C.

Tissues 3-5 cm in diameter should be collected for FAT. If possible collect areas with lesions and adjacent normal tissues. Collect samples from 2 to 3 areas. For smaller animals and birds, include the whole organ. Sick animals can be submitted live. Whole fetuses and placentas can also be sent. These and other fresh materials should be refrigerated soon after collection.

For EM, 5 to 10 grams or 5 to 10 ml of feces or intestinal fluid should be submitted. If possible, feces should be collected directly from the animal. If collecting feces using swabs, use 4 to 5 swabs and place them in the viral transport medium. Small wide mouth screw cap containers should be used. Store at 40C soon after collection.

Viral transport medium have antibiotics that will inactivate chlamydia so do not use this as collection medium for isolation of chlamydia.
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