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Collection Techniques

Sample preparation for transport

Note: Unless tubes or bottles are com­mercially prepared with specific preservatives (e.g., for urine or blood), addition of any preservative other than saline can destroy specimen integrity. The following are recommended: Use of Sterile Swab Bacterial Collection Kit

The swab system is guaranteed sterile until the seal is broken. Directions for use: SUITABILITY OF SPECIMEN:

A list of common surgical/clinical specimens suitable for culture of bacteria, anaerobes, fungus, and mycobacteria or acid-fast bacillus (AFB) are presented here. Microorganisms that are likely pathogens and those that are likely contaminants are also included.


Specimen containers must include patient information with to include: TIMING

Whenever possible, cultures should be obtained prior to the administration of antibiotics, especially when suspected organisms are highly susceptible to antibiotics (beta hemolytic streptococci, Neisseria, or Haemophilus influenza). However, specimens should not be rejected on the basis of prior antibiotic administration, as many antibiotics are bacteriostatic, not bactericidal, and the concentration of antibiotic at the site of infection may be below the minimal inhibitory concentration for the organism in question. If the patient is already receiving antibiotics, give RRDA a call prior to sample collection. For some antibiotics, there are enzyme systems we can provide to inhibit the effects of the antibiotic.


The primary objective in the transport of diagnostic specimens is to maintain the samples as near to their original state as possible with minimum deterioration and to minimize hazards to specimen handlers. Adverse environmental conditions (extremes of heat and cold, rapid changes in pressure, or excessive drying) should be avoided.
This package contains LESS THAN 50 ml of AN ETIOLOGIC AGENT N.O.S., is packaged and labeled in accordance with the US PHS Interstate Quarantine Regulations (42 CFR, Section 72.25(c), (1) and (4), and MEETS ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR SHIPMENT BY MAIL AND ON PASSENGER AIRCRAFT. This shipment is EXEMPTED FROM ATA RESTRICTED ARTICLES TARIFF 6­D (see General Requirements 386([d][1]) and from DOT HAZARDOUS MATERIALS REGULATIONS (see 49 CFR, Section 173,386[d][3]). SHIPPER'S CERTIFICATES, SHIPPING PAPERS, AND OTHER DOCUMENTATION OR LABELING ARE NOT REQUIRED.
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