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Blood Chemistry

RRDA division of MDS offers complete blood chemistry and hematology services to complement our toxicology operation. This is designed to be a useful addition to our toxicology capabilities. The services are tailored to rabbits and rodents, as well as other species of laboratory and companion animals.

Fasting duration should be appropriate for the species and the analytical tests to be performed. Regulatory guidelines for blood chemistry requirements appropriate for all test substances include measurements of electrolyte balance, carbohydrate metabolism, and liver and kidney function.

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Basic Metabolic Panel Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Electrolyte Panel Hepatic Function Panel Kidney Function Panel Lipid Metabolic Panel Necrosis/Infarction Panel Parathryoid Disease Panel Cardiac Function Anemia Other Markers

Tests can be run individually, or custom packages can be created for your project as needed. Additional clinical chemistry tests may be recommended to extend the search for toxic effects attributable to a test substance. The selection of specific tests will be influenced by observations on the mechanism of action of the test substance. Clinical chemistry determinations that may be recommended to ensure adequate toxicological evaluation of the test substance include analyses of acid/base balance, hormones, lipids, methemoglobin, and proteins.

Common causes of hemolysis include: If a sample is lipemic (the serum may appear cloudy), the following test results may not be accurate: To prevent lipemia, be sure the animal is fasted prior to sample collection.
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