Molecular Diagnostics Services, Inc.
A Contract Research Organization

Plasmid DNA Production, Purification, and Insert Isolation

These services include production of both reagent (R&D) grade non-GMP and GMP Grade plasmid. We are able to produce plasmid DNA from 50 micrograms to multi-gram amounts that meets the most stringent purity requirements for: low levels of residual endotoxin (< 1 EU / mg plasmid); host cell chromosomal DNA (< 1 %); and RNA.

MDS offers a full range of services including the establishment and characterization of master and working cell banks, and product scale-up. Our services are flexible, and can meet the specific requirements of any scientist, academic or industrial. We can work from a variety starting materials, such as naked plasmid DNA, plates (dishes), glycerol stocks, stab cultures or cell pastes. Our services include culture and purification (by ion-exchange column or by single or double cesium chloride gradients) of plasmid dsDNA, cosmids, M13 clones, or phage clones.
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