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DNA & RNA Extraction

MDS offers high throughput extraction services for a variety of sample types. We produce high purity DNA and RNA for analysis from human, animal and plant samples. We provide customers with high quality genomic DNA preparations, which can be used for genotyping, library construction, PCR, Southern blotting and other molecular biology applications.

Sample collection: To maintain high quality DNA yields, sample sets should be immediately preserved upon collection and properly shipped to MDS. Sample sets received for genomic DNA preparation are logged, and stored at -70ºC until processing. After sample sets are processed, A260 and A280 readings are obtained and entered into the database to calculate the concentration and yield. A 1-µg aliquot of each sample is electrophoresed on a quality control check gel. Finished sample sets are frozen at -70ºC, packaged with a data sheet and gel picture and returned to the customer.

Human and Animal Extractions: MDS routinely performs high throughput blood extractions in our GLP run facility. We also have capabilities to process a variety of tissue samples in isolated biohazard work facilities. Check out our recommendations for sample preparation and shipping.

Plant Extractions: High throughput plant extractions continue to increase in demand. MDS handles most forms of plant materials including leaf punches, sprouts and germplasm. Extraction techniques will vary depending on the required analysis. Routine plant analysis includes genotyping and Southern Blot.

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