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Custom Cloning

MDS offers a comprehensive cloning service. The ultimate goal of a cDNA cloning project is to isolate a full-length clone that can be used as the basis for functional studies and high throughput screening applications. MDS' cDNA Cloning Service provides access to a range of innovative cloning technologies, and extensive expertise in cloning challenging targets.

MDS's scientists will design, synthesize, and purify all the necessary oligonucleotides for completing any gene synthesis project. Furthermore, we will do all the PCR, ligation, cloning and sequencing required completing any gene synthesis project. In addition, If you are searching for a specific clone but do not have access to the specific tumor, disease, or fetal RNA source in which it is most abundant, MDS custom subcloning services may be of help. After designing specific primers to your target gene, MDS will generate and clone your gene. MDS has developed in-house technologies that allow us to rapidly isolate even the most challenging full-length clones.

MDS constructs libraries using size-selected cDNA to ensure maximum representation of the longest clones. A broad range of human, mouse and rat libraries are available in a format that enables us to rapidly screen multiple tissues for customer targets. If the tissue library that you require is not available we will construct it for you.

For the most challenging targets and those found in only a restricted set of tissues, as well as those with structural difficulties, MDS can combine PCR cloning with our proprietary Gene Construction Service.

The service includes:
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