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Molecular Diagnostic Services is here to service the needs of your lab. If you have any questions about the services we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Molecular Biology Services

Molecular Diagnostic Services, Inc., an independent contract service organization, has been operating since 1992 providing comprehensive cellular and molecular biology, toxicology, microbiology, sterility assurance, and biocompatibility services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and research institutions. The services are designed for clients' needs, both GLP-compliant for regulatory submission and non-GLP screening for product research and development.

All GLP studies are in full compliance with all GLP regulations, as deemed by the appropriate agency (FDA, EPA, OECD, EEC, JMHW, JMAFF). Non-GLP studies for discovery are conducted in the "spirit of GLP," including QA audit and inspection. All studies and propriety information are strictly kept under confidential status at all times. To ensure prompt and precise communication, we welcome direct contact between clients and our technical staff. Additionally, we encourage our clients to visit and audit our facilities and meet our staff.
Rabbit & Rodent Diagnostic Associates
Our division of Rabbit and Rodent Diagnostic Associates (RRDA) maintains an AAALAC, USDA and NIH accredited vivarium- offers an array of GLP or Non-GLP services including toxicology, PK, ADME, drug efficacy, vaccine efficacy, Immunogenicity studies , medical device testing, and special surgical procedures for laboratory animal.

RRDA division also offers vivarium space on short or long-term leases. The combined experience and training of our team of veterinarians specialized in research animal diseases and our scientists in the fields of cellular and molecular biology, and toxicology provides our clients with a complete understanding of their research projects.

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