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Vaccine Testing

Characterization and Qualification of Viral, bacterial and Plasmid DNA Vaccines
Many manufacturers face the challenge of testing virus stocks in cell-based assay systems. MDS can design accurate, efficient testing strategies in concert with your manufacturing experts. If neutralizing antibodies are needed, we can work to qualify the assay systems, ensuring reliable results.

Assays for Product Manufacture of Plasmid DNA Vaccines to ensure that both the MCBs and WCBs are:

Since processing cell lines and/or virus seed stocks may at some point have been exposed to animal-derived materials,
MDS additionally offers testing for bovine and porcine viruses. These assays are designed per instructions in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Animals and Animal Products, Title 9 (9 CFR).

Bulk Plasmid Product Release Assays Final Product Release Assays DNA VACCINE MODIFICATIONS


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