Molecular Diagnostics Services, Inc.
A Contract Research Organization

Protein Purification

MDS designs methods compatible with the Client's expression/culture system that can be applied at lab, pilot and industrial scales. We then utilize the method selected by the Client during development of the purification process. MDS uses FPLC or HPLC to test and develop purification schemes that can be utilized for small and industrial sized applications.

In collaboration with the Client, we carefully examine the physical characteristics of the target protein to predict its behavior with respect to the various commercially available resins of each chemistry type and then compare for selectivity of the target protein. Only after the behavior of the target protein is determined using at least three different chemistries can the entire purification scheme be finalized.

If the target protein is destined for large-scale production, special attention is paid to the "scalability" of the selected chemistries (chemical stability of the resin and functional group, ease of packing large columns, CIP capabilities, and manufacturer's reputation for support, etc.).
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