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Custom Expression Systems

MDS's custom expression group provides a fully integrated and documented service from project design to execution for research, development and scale up. These services will take you from optimization through expression of a cloned sequence to purification and characterization of the expressed protein. MDS offers a choice of several systems and various services.

Mammalian Expression Systems

Mammalian cell lines offer several advantages for expression of heterologous proteins. Since transcription, translation and post-translational modification processes are conserved among higher eukaryotes, eukaryotic proteins produced in mammalian cells will be functional and well suited for a variety of structure-function assays and analysis of the physiological effects of the protein on cell function. These services include transfection of vector DNA into mammalian cells for stable or transient expression of gene products. A variety of transfection methods and assay systems are available.

Viral Expression Systems

Custom expression in insect cells and lytic baculoviruses provide a proven method for high-level expression of full-length mammalian proteins, providing researchers with the means to generate milligram quantities of cloned proteins that are ideal for functional studies and structural analyses. Many post-translational modifications similar to those in mammalian cells are made in insect cells and proteins unable to be expressed in E. coli have been successfully expressed using the baculovirus system. MDS's services include cloning of the gene of interest into a viral vector such as vaccinia or baculovirus and small or large-scale production of infected cultures for isolation of the expressed protein.

Prokaryotic Expression Systems

MDS has expertise in using a variety of systems for expression of recombinant proteins in E. coli. Each system offers expression vectors with unique characteristics that help you tailor your experiments to fit the protein of interest.

Yeast Expression Systems Generation of high-titer stocks

A purified recombinant (provided by client) will be utilized to infect the cells and generate one to five liters of high-titer stock. The titer will be determined by plaque assay. The outline of procedures is summarized below. Time Course Studies

The outline of a time-course study is summarized below. Contact MDS for custom analysis Expression Optimization

These services include growing one cell line (specified by the client) to log phase and infecting the cells with previously generated high titer stock. Fermentation optimization to increase expression is available in bacteria, yeast, insect, and mammalian cell lines.

Large-scale expression and processing

MDS offers large-scale expression and processing of recombinant proteins.

Additional Services

MDS's Technical Services Division offers many additional services to save you valuable time and resources. Additional services include purification of expressed protein (yields may be improved through addition of affinity tags) and analysis of expressed protein by SDS-PAGE and Western blot (utilizing your specific antibody). Filling, capping and labeling services are also available.

Pricing is based on the complexity of each project, the type of selected cell, and the services rendered. MDS's custom protein expression, purification and characterization services can be tailored to suit your needs.
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