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Cell Separation

MDS offers a complete spectrum of services for the enrichment or selection of virtually any cell type. Whether you prefer a negative or positive cell selection approach, require cells from human, mouse, rat, monkey, or other species, use cell separation equipment or prefer the simplicity of a centrifugation procedure, we can accommodate your needs. The selection methods include:

Negative Selection: The unwanted cells in the sample are targeted for depletion using specific antibodies to cell surface markers. The desired cells have not been labeled with antibodies and are immediately ready for use.

Positive Selection: The desired cells in the sample have been targeted for selection using a specific antibody to a cell surface antigen.

Immunodensity: Cells are targeted with specific antibody-based reagents and pellet when centrifuged over density medium, without the need for magnets, columns, or other equipment. For negative selection only.

Immunomagnetic: Cells are immunomagnetically labeled using antibodies to specific cell surface antigens and magnetic nanoparticles. For either negative or positive selection.

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