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It is vitally important to safeguard and preserve certain valuable laboratory animal strains. For those lines undergoing cryopreservation, it is important to document the reproductive characteristics (plug rates, litter size, etc.), responsiveness to superovulation and embryo response to cryopreservation. This information should be known prior to designing a successful cryopreservation program for a specific mouse strain or line.

At RRDA we propose a complete Pilot Project to evaluate the feasibility of cryopreserving a line or strain of mice or rats. The results of this pilot study will reported to the client. This information will aid RRDA's scientists and our client in making decisions as to how the long-term cryopreservation program for the line should be designed.

All client-provided mice and progeny are the sole and exclusive property of the client . MDS/ RRDA shall only release such animals to the client or its designee per written directions of authorized client personnel.
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