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Gene Expression Profiling

MDS offers comprehensive immunohistochemistry and RT-PCR services on hES and mES cells to ensure they are positive for all relevant stem cell markers and that they remain pluripotent.

Using markers for Alkaline Phosphatase, TRA 1-60, TRA 1-81, Oct-4, and GCTM-2 and utilizing immunohistochemistry and/or FACS analysis techniques provide useful information on expression of a gene that enables differentiation into specific stem cell lines. More... These services are also available for detection of: RT-PCR analysis
AT MDS we offer full service RT-PCR analysis on hES and mES cells to detect transcripts of pluripotency markers such as Cripto, GDF-3 and Oct-4 , and beta-actin (a gene control). For every reverse transcription (RT) sample, a 'no reverse transcription' and water controls will be included for all primer pairs to verify the absence of contamination in reagents. All hES lines (but not mES cells) must be positive for all the markers of pluripotency analyzed.
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